Why we're different

We're different because we believe that shopping online should not only be safe and secure, but also fun, quick and hassle-free.  We're online shoppers too and our goal at Macinbag.com is to give every customer the same superior experience no matter what they buy (or don't) and to help everyone as we would our friends.

We understand that shopping online can be time consuming and even frustrating.  That's why we've added a very simple but incredibly fast and powerful search engine on the left side of every page.
<<----------  It's right here   :-) 

Just type three characters and our search engine goes to work!  It scours our entire database for any product that matches what you've typed and offers them to you in a list with pictures to be doubly sure.  And because we make spelling mistakes too sometimes, we've thought up some common typo's and misspelled words for the products we carry and included them in the search engine too.  We want you to find exactly what you're looking for in a hurry.  When you know what you want, who's got time to waste typing and searching and narrowing things down and searching some more?  We don't and we don't think you do either.

We're different than those other guys online because we care and we want to help you.

We're different because we feel it's an honor and pleasure to serve you, not a hassle to answer your questions.  Something that has always bothered us about some Mac retail stores is the treatment you receive when you ask "the wrong" question.  A question that the person felt that you should already know, or made us feel stupid for not knowing...or even hassled by the very question itself.  You won't encounter that here!  Every question is answered promptly and thoroughly.  We have experienced staff members and a lot of us have been using a Mac since the 1980's - for three decades!

We're different because we are the same, the same as you.  We invite you to experience a Mac store like no other. 

We welcome you to Macinbag.com!