TabLift iPad Stand by Nbryte


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Use your tablet hands-free, anywhere.

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Product Description


The most comfortable iPad stand is here!

TabLift revolutionizes the way you watch your favorite Netflix™ or HBO® series. Now you can enjoy all the shows you love in the place you love to watch them: your bed. No more balancing acts, dropped iPads, weird positions or sore muscles trying to watch great stuff on your iPad. TabLift makes it simple and comfortable.

How We Use Our Tablets


While we usually use our mobile phones on the go, we largely use our tablets while we are relaxing at home. Forrester Research has discovered that we usually “lean back” while using our tablets, and overwhelmingly, this use takes place in the living room or the bedroom. While laptops and desktops are physically designed to stand upright on their own, when it comes to extended use, it can be a challenge to hold a tablet in an optimal position without tiring or straining our arms and hands. While there are a large number of tablet holding devices on the market, they do not all work in every situation. In fact, tablet stands (or holding devices) can be divided into four categories, each of which solves the problem of holding a tablet in different settings.

Three positions for a more natural experience.

The tablift adjusts to three positions, making it ideal for video chat. No more slouching over the tablet. Sit back and have a natural conversation.

Tablift only works with the coolest tablets.

Tablift works with the following tablets:

  • Apple iPad (all generations, full sized and mini)
  • Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes)
  • Amazon Kindle (all sizes of: Fire HD, Fire HDX, Paperwhite)
  • Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab
  • Microsoft Surface 2

*The tablift will accommodate any tablet with an edge that will fit within the 10mm wide slots


Relax. It's not going to tip over.

Tablift allows you to use your tablet handsfree, in the places you want to use it most - like cozying up on your favorite sofa for a great movie. There's no need to use your hands, so go ahead and dig in to some delicious popcorn without worrying about greasing up your tablet.


Approx. 5.75" x 3.2" x 1.75" (base) with 14" long, bendable legs

Rubber-tipped feet are gentle on any surface

Folds up for easy storage, but why put it away?

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