Joy Factory DuraLink Mini, USB to 30-pin Ultra Durable & Flexible Cable, 3-inch


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Product Description


  • Compact design and easy to carry.
  • Flat cable to prevent tangling.
  • Premium material, maximum durability


The DuraLink is the perfect 30-pin cable for all of your i-Devices in any conditions. The ultra-portable DuraLink is built with compact design making it easy for you to use anywhere, whether it’s on the road or at home. The 3 inches long cable allows your i-device to stay close to your computer or charging station, which reduces unnecessary clutter. The cable is constructed in a flat form to prevent the cable from tangling, allowing you to use it immediately without having to go through the trouble of trying to untangle the line. The premium material used to construct the DuraLink enabling it to be exceedingly durable. The DuraLink is the perfect i-Device cable that allows you to carry around and use it everywhere!

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