Joy Factory Black SmartSuit Ultra for iPad Air


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Ultra-slim Snap-on Case/Stand with Wake/Sleep Cover

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Product Description

The Case in a Class By Itself

The SmartSuit is a dazzling all-over case for the iPad Air, combining an intelligent cover, a hard-shell back, and killer good looks. The supple synthetic leather that graces the SmartSuit's exterior comes in four gorgeous colors: classic Black, stunning Silver, gorgeous Bronze, and Fuchsia Pink.

The Smartest Cover Available

In a world of smart covers, the SmartSuit is a genius. The SmartSuit cover wakes up your iPad Air when you open it and puts it fast to sleep when you close it.  The SmartSuit even holds the cover open for you magnetically for ultimate reading convenience.

A Secure Fold

If you want watch a movie or type some e-mails, the SmartSuit cover folds into a magnetically secured multi-angle stand. And all ports, buttons, cameras remain fully accessible so you don't miss a thing.

Green meets Gorgeous 

We want to add more joy to your environment…not more trash. The SmartSuit comes in completely recyclable packaging and single use packing foam has been replaced with a travel chess set made of biodegradable foam.

Additional Information

Style of bag Sleeve/Compact Case
Colour Black
Finish/Material Synthetic Leather
Fits Apple iPad Air
UPC 817713012660
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