Joy Factory Jugar - iPhone 5 Silicon Sleeve with Metal Frame - Soft Pink


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Product Description


Wrap your iPhone 5 in the suave protection of a Jugar case, only available from The Joy Factory. Soft to the touch yet strong against scratches, this unique case packs impressive features in a slim and beautiful silicone package.

Silicone Softness meets Metal Strength

Designing a case from silicone makes for an incredibly soft feel. In order to maintain that softness without loosing its shape, the Jugar hides a thin metal frame

tucked into the silicone. Textured sides and interior provide extra grip so you (and your phone) can hold on for the ride.

Picture Perfect

You love using your iPhone to photo your active life. Now with the Jugar’s enlarged volume button, you can take pictures quickly without having to figure out which button controls the shutter.

Shocking Protection

One of the wonderful features of this silicone case is its shock resistance. The supple material absorbs impacts, so your phone has much more chance of surviving a tumble than it would on its own. Add to that the Jugar’s low-profile front lip, and your iPhone’s touchscreen is protected against scratches when laid face down.

Our Gift to You

Included with every Tutti case are a Prism Crystal Screen Protector and a BubbleShield Water-resistant Sleeve. The included Prism offers added protection for your touchscreen, an improved feel for your touch gestures, and a super-clear finish so you don’t miss anydetails on your Retina screen. And the BubbleShield protective sleeve will protect your phone from the water, mud, sand, and kitchen messes that can easily damage your expensive phone.

Simply Green

The Joy Factory maintains a strong commitment to provide the best mobile device companions while giving back to our community and protecting the environment. All our iPhone 5 cases come in packaging that’s 100% recyclable, and they are carefully designed to utilize the least material possible.

Additional Information

Style of bag Sleeve/Compact Case
Colour Purple
Finish/Material Silicone and Metal
Fits Apple iPhone 5
Exterior Dimensions 2 1/2” x 1/2” x 5 1/8”
UPC 817713011151
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