Joy Factory DaVinci Creative Hi-Def Stylus for Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, Metallic Dark Purple


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The All-purpose Professional Stylus for all iOS Devices.

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Product Description


  • Unleash Your Creativity - Directly transfer your creativity into digital form with the DaVinci stylus.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Stylus Tip - Perfect emulation of the finger-touch, enabling brush-like artwork creation through natural pressure-sensitive stylus tip.
  • Perfectly Weighted - The frontloaded weight of the pen provides a genuine paintbrush feel combined with the form factor of a pastel to liberate your inner artist!
  • Usability - 165° expanded writing angles

Excellence at your Fingertips

There are many options in the stylus market, but a stylus from The Joy Factory stands above the rest. Beautifully engineered, artfully crafted, a Joy Factory stylus is a fine writing instrument and a professional-grade tool for the digital artist on the go.

Why Use a Stylus?

Finger pointing is great for most activities on smartphones and tablets, but sometimes you need to be a little more precise. That’s where a stylus really comes in handy. Professional artists who use their iPads for art creation will delight in DaVinci's high quality and responsivity. The DaVinci also shines outside of the art studio for those who want a quality stylus experience when navigating their tablets. The DaVinci stylus works great with apps like Skitch® or Penultimate® so you can digitally sketch your ideas and then edit or share them like never before.

Crafted with Care

This curvy stylus boasts an ultra-sensitive rubber nib carefully designed to communicate your every inspired gesture. The DaVinci stylus is weighted to feel perfect in your hand, and balances its weight 2” from the nib to facilitate smooth and responsive writing. For ultimate flexibility the DaVinci stylus' high-def nib transmits your gestures over a wide 165° so you can hold your stylus at any angle you'd like. And its brushed aluminum-alloy body is soft to the touch and comes in three striking colors.

Expand your Palette

The DaVinci stylus’ fine craftsmanship opens up new artistic potential for sketching, photo editing, and graphic design on tablets. The body of the DaVinci stylus is short and stout, mimicking the feel of pastels or compressed charcoal.  Now you can make your best artwork yet in SketchBook® PRO or Artrage®, or edit your photos in the new iPhoto® till they’re pixel-perfect.

The Ergonomic Edge

The rounded triangle handgrip on the DaVinci stylus is designed to support your fingers in their most natural position, bringing you added comfort for long-term use.

Talent Runs in the Family

The DaVinci stylus pairs perfectly with the Monet stylus, its longer, sleeker cousin. So whether you’re painting with broad strokes or obsessing over fine detail, we’ve got a stylus that’s just right for you. And if you decide to pick up a traditional paintbrush with your tablet nearby, have no fear…a Joy Factory BubbleShield is perfect to protect your precious digital sidekick from all the messy stuff your in your art studio.

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