The Joy Factory ZipMini Touch-n-go Multi-Charging Station with Apple 30-pin and Micro USB ZipTail Receivers (Black)


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Charge up to 4 mobile devices at once via Apple 30-pin, micro USB, or mini USB

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Product Description

Goodbye, tangles. Hello, wonder.

The ZipMini Touch-n-Go™ charging station is the next step in the evolution of mobile device power.  Now you can take a call or check your e-mail without having to manually disconnect cables. Your device reconncects itself when you move it back near the charging station. This sleek little powerhouse charges up to four devices at once, eliminates cord clutter, and looks great doing it.

No More Cable Clutter

What sets the ZipMini apart from other chargers (besides its awesome good looks) is the Touch-n-go™ technology built into every unit.  Touch-n-go™ is a revolutionary combination of a magnetized base unit paired with magnetized 3-inch mini-cables knows as “zip tails.” The zip tails pop immediately into place on the charging station via the built-in magnets, and safely snap off when you move your device. And since the zip tails are delightfully small, the ZipMini makes tangles a think of the past

Charges Most Mobile Devices

The ZipMini coordinates the charging of almost every mobile device, such as the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, most cellphones, most tablets, and any micro USB compatible device.  Each unit comes with two zip-tails, one for an Apple 30-pin dock connector and one for a micro USB (additional zip tails are available for purchase).

Simply Elegant

Even before you are struck with the technical prowess of the ZipMini you will be amazed at its beautiful design. The small charging disc boasts a pleasant sheen and modern styling. Both the Black US version and the White international version are fashioned to fit in with most décors so you can proudly display your ZipMini for all to see. And at just over three inches, the ZipMini can fit almost anywhere.

Fast Charging

Since The Joy Factory’s ZipMini uses conductive power it allows your devices to charge faster than “wireless” inductive charging units (and it spares you from using those bulky cases that inductive units come with).


  • Convenient Calling: Pick up a phone call immediately without worrying about the constraints of the limited cable length and instantly resume charging as the ZipTail reattaches to the Zip.
  • Live without Clutter: No more tangling cords or multiple power plugs. Charge four devices with just the Zip Mini and the Ziptails.
  • Conductive Charging Without the Bulky Case: Charge quickly with conductive technology and conveniently without being restricted by bulky cases, simply attach the ZipTail to your device and use your favorite case.

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