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Give your MacBook a BaseLift.

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Product Description

BaseLift is a super-thin, microfiber-layered pad + stand that attaches to the bottom of any MacBook. When you need a stand, simply fold it up to enjoy an instant stand that elevates your screen and angles your Mac for comfortable typing. Used flat, BaseLift works as a lap pad, protecting your thighs from the extreme heat and cold of your aluminum MacBook. The best part about BaseLift? It stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook all the time, so it goes everywhere your MacBook goes. BaseLift is compatible with all current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, and easily fits into most bags and laptop cases right alongside your MacBook.

The MacBook typing stand that’s always on standby. 

BaseLift is a wonderfully convenient typing stand that goes everywhere your MacBook goes. It elevates your MacBook to a much more comfortable typing angle, making it easier to tackle Pages documents, put together a budget in Numbers or write code for a new website or app. Because BaseLift sticks to the bottom of your MacBook, this stand is always with you, wherever work or adventure takes you. It’s an easy way to boost your typing experience.

The most mobile stand ever. 

BaseLift is the most portable MacBook stand you’ll ever own and because it stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook, you’ll never forget it. BaseLift can be used everywhere you roam. You’ll have an instant, comfy typing stand on planes, in conference rooms, coffee shops or on a tree stump at your campsite. This handy tool is so thin and light, it will fit inside pretty much any MacBook sleeve or case. When you're back at your desk, BaseLift lays flat and lets you continue to use your favorite desktop stand, like our HiRise for MacBook.

Bottom line, it fits all MacBooks. 

BaseLift features a two-piece design that fits any current MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. There's the primary BaseLift Pad and an optional secondary Fit Strip for 13 and 15-inch models. The dual-purpose stand + pad attaches to the bottom of your Mac quickly and easily thanks to our SurfaceGrip technology. Should you decide to remove SurfacePad, you’ll find a clean, like new bottom on your MacBook. Once you attach BaseLift to your MacBook, you’ll never go without it. Literally.

Your lap will love it too.

Anyone who owns an aluminum MacBook knows how cold it is when you first put it on your lap, and how hot it gets when working. BaseLift serves as a sleek shield that insulates your thighs from an icy cold Mac and a hot Mac. When you park yourself on the sofa for the night, you don’t have to remember to grab BaseLift because it’s always attached to your MacBook. How’s that for convenience?


BaseLift Specs

Product (Flat/Lap Mode)

Height: 7.1 inches (181 mm)

Width: 8.74 inches (222 mm)

Thickness: 0.14 inches (3.7 mm)

Weight: 4.2 ounces (119 g)

Product (Folded/Typing Mode)

Keyboard Tilt: 10 degrees

Wedge Height: 1.26 inches (32 mm)

How does BaseLift attach to my MacBook?  BaseLift attaches to your MacBook with a SurfaceGrip, a modern adhesive that has been used on both our SurfacePad for iPhone and SurfacePad for MacBook for years. It installs easily and can even be removed from your MacBook at anytime without leaving any residue behind.

Can I use my HiRise or BookArc with BaseLift on my Mac?  Yep! Since Baselift folds flat when not in use, you can still use your favorite stationary desktop MacBook stand when at the office.

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