Allsop is more than just a 45 year old family business. Allsop is an ideal. We connect the points between professionalism, invention and amazing people. We’re always pushing the envelope and striving toward the concept of “patented ingenuity” within the context of our unique team culture.

The Allsop family has been building consumer product companies and products since 1965 when the founder, Ivor “Buss” Allsop invented the Ski-Boot In. Two of Ivor’s children, Mike and Jim, led the family into the consumer electronics business with the introduction of the mechanized cassette deck cleaner in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the family businesses had expanded and the company became a global company with the establishment of Allsop Europe in Waterford Ireland.

In 2007 the Allsop family decided to organize control around the next generation of Allsop family members along their personal interests and skill sets. Mike Allsop has now retired with his son Brett Allsop spear-heading the family efforts in the technology and consumer electronic division. Mike’s other son, Ryan Allsop, is the team leader who oversees the family bike rack and towing company, Softride. In addition to the technology division and Softride brand, the company has elevated Jamey Allsop, Jim’s Daughter, to foster her interest in solar, gardening and lighting to head up the new Home and Garden division. Jim remains in the business as CEO and Co-Leader of all the entities. He is passionate about invention and often we’ll see him cruising the halls with a new gadget in tow.

Most importantly, the family has had a tradition of bringing on board a team of hundreds, if not thousands, of wonderful people over the decades. The Allsop family has been blessed to have hired some of the most interesting, creative, thoughtful and inspiring team mates all over the world. Artists, designers, accountants, office managers, marketing geniuses, engineers, salesmen and women and other amazingly talented and friendly team mates. We could never have survived and prospered without our “extended family” and we strongly believe that being a family business without private equity or Wall Street involved allows us to connect and foster a culture with everyone in a more “real” way. Whether you meet our teams in our permanent locations based in Ireland, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington State or on the road you will find our people to be the kind of people who you respect.